Rick Levine's Astrology Forecast: NOVEMBER 2020


Many Americans looked ahead to Election Day on November 3 as a potential solution to our current state of uncertainty. Much to their disappointment, everything seems more unstable than ever. Although it might be difficult to see the big picture now, three planets ending their retrograde periods indicate forward movement that's been elusive for months. Mercury turns direct on November 3, Mars on November 13, and Neptune on November 28, adding their momentum to Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, making seven out of eight planets in direct motion. Nevertheless, change will not come quickly; there are still a few major planetary hoops we must jump through before 2020 is done with us.

One of the major issues of 2020 concerns our lack of perspective. Small issues grow until they are critical as expansive Jupiter joins up with evolutionary Pluto three times, each occurrence corresponding with a significant increase in viral mortalities. Jupiter and Pluto conjoined on April 4 and June 29. Their third and final rendezvous on November 12 is a potentially explosive alignment, bringing hidden facts out into the open. Its proximity to the Mars station on November 13 sets the stage for unexpressed anger to find its way out into the open. Thankfully, the Scorpio New Moon on November 13 forms cooperative sextiles to the Capricorn cluster of heavyweight planets, enabling us to move the energy in a constructive manner. But there are still trouble spots while Venus squares Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn on November 15-19.

The Sun's shift into inspirational Sagittarius on November 21 can open the doors of opportunity while Venus enters Scorpio, intensifying our desires and strengthening our passions. Practicing emotional restraint allows us to stay focused on our long-term goals. We are given the chance to explore our dreams when Mercury trines Neptune on November 23. Healing old family issues through forgiveness is possible on Thanksgiving Day when the Sun forms a smooth trine to healing Chiron. November ends with a Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on November 30 that may require us to let go of an old habit, belief, or relationship that is no longer positively influencing our lives. Rational Mercury's sextile to karmic Saturn encourages us to speak our truth while our thoughts are clear and our intentions are honorable.

The wide gap between people's extreme perspectives is not likely to narrow. It's more important than ever to consciously avoid exasperating existing tensions or creating new ones. Consciously responding to our external world is healthier than unconsciously reacting. The intensity of these times will begin to fade into the past as early as next January. In the meantime, keep one on on the present moment and the other eye on the distant goal.

~ Rick Levine
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