Warfare Tactics (Part 6) | Your Miracle Moment Ep 359

Warfare Tactics (Part 6)
Today's Episode: The Strongman is Bound

About this Week:
You have a cunning foe - a weak, powerless but cunning foe whose greatest weapon is deception. One more thing, he has a great hatred for you. Just because you're passive to the devil, doesn't mean that he's passive to you. That's right - satan is weak and powerless, so then why do I, seem to be the weak one?

In this week, Apostles Siva and Jessie Moodley teach you how to identify and repel the attacks of satan. Understand the lies told to you and how the Word of God has already given you all the tools you need to live in the peace and joy that God has for you.

Get ready for some powerful revelation this week as you learn:
- Why does the devil hate you?
- What if I'm passive to the devil?
- What are python spirits & what ACTUALLY happens when you have your fortunes read, go for palm reading, go to a witchdoctor and more.
- Can the demonic accurately prophesy?
- What are fake healings (healed demonically?) and more
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