Untold secrets of D60 chart ( Shastiamsha ) chart !!! Divisional chart in vedic astrology!!!

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Jyotish Vedang is an India-based R&D institution which works especially in the field of Astrology. Besides this it also provides Vedic knowledge in a modern context. And was founded in 2012 by Mr Rahul Kaushik, who is one of the best astrologer in India today. At first he worked as a R&D engineer for 9 years but eventually converted his passion of astrology into profession. As a result of which he came up to educate people with the best working methods of astrology. And is the vision behind the foundation of the institution. Consequently helping people in removing suffering by giving them proper training. He has done a lot of research on various branches of Astrology. So he came up with a new approach to predict the events and giving sure shot remedies.

Moreover, Mr Rahul follows scientific and logical approach. Therefore he is named as one of the best astrologers in India. Also, he uses Astrology as a divine tool. Using which he can change an individual’s life. And attract more wealth, joy and happiness. Likewise, his matchless skills and divine intuition separates him from other astrologers across the globe. It’s the mission of Jyotish Vedang to spread the Vedic knowledge effectively to the students. So that every individual can start living in harmony with the divine nature. He has mastery over the Jaimini Astrology, which he learned from Shri K N Rao. Because of the grace of Mr Rao, he decided to jump into the ocean of Vedic knowledge. Moreover, he’s a renowned consultant worldwide, hence has a large number of clients across the Globe.
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