Navamsa chart and your future spouse nature in vedic astrology english||D9 chart analysis||

Here i described about how your future spouse will be from the navamsa or d9 chart in english. If you want to take any type of personal consultation from me then mail me but that will be paid.

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Navamsa chart is the very important divisional chart for marriage, but always remember without d1 chart you can not predict by only looking at the navamsa chart. In this video i disscussed about a very important formula that you can apply in navamsa chart to know more about your future spouse. Navamsa is mainly considered during kundli matching, moreover if a planet is not in good dignity in d1 chart then no matter how good that planet placed in navamsa it will create trouble during its mahadasha period somehow. So lets learn together and explore more about this ancient subject. The main aim of our channel is to guide you through astrology and help you to find your true purpose in life so nobody can misguide you in future, for this please like????comment????share???? & subscribe????

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