Tarot reading: What are they thinking about you?

A lot of you have not heard from a significant other for a while now. It could be an ex, a friend or even a family member. You might be wondering what they really think about you especially since for many of you, what they say and what they feel are two different things. If this is you, then I am here I to tell you what is going on in their mind, along with guidance!
Think of a person, close your eyes for a few seconds and then open them and pick one of the cards below.
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Card 1: 2:42 min
Card 2: 5.37 min
Card 3: 9.19 min
Card 4: 13.16 min

P.S. This is a timeless reading and will be applicable whenever you watch it.
This is a general collective reading and will NOT be the answer to all your problems. Take it as it resonates.
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I use a variety of techniques to provide accurate and detailed answers and have more than 14 years of experience.
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