Spring Equinox - Astrological New Year + FREE 12 Month Zodiac Sign Forecasts...

Spring Equinox Deep Dive Video - Astrological New Year + FREE 12 Month Zodiac Sign Forecasts. March 20th 9.38pm UCT the Sun roars into Aries, the 1st Zodiac Sign beginning the start of a new celestial year and journey for us all.

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Aries 00:18:44
Taurus 00:20:14
Gemini 00:21:36
Cancer 00:23:09
Leo 00:23:44
Virgo 00:24:45
Libra 00:25:45
Scorpio 00:26:50
Sagittarius 00:28:34
Capricorn 00:29:33
Aquarius 00:30:39
Pisces 00:32:36
Goodbye! 00:35:00

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27th February 2021, GW – Los Angeles – USA “Patrick is as astute as they come; with a very caring and insightful heart. Whilst doling out rare astrological gems, he delivers sage advice in a pragmatic and applicable way. I’ve had my fair share of astro readings and I must say, Patrick’s style is my favorite.”

24th February 2021, VS – California – USA “Patrick is amazing! I’ve had numerous reads about my chart and never has anyone been as detailed, accurate and informative as Patrick is. I feel so much better on my life’s journey after speaking with him. The clarity I feel, as well as a map helping me through my decisions is truly priceless. I cannot wait to apply this information to my life and have another view with Patrick in the near future!”

16th February 2021, KMT – Manchester – UK “Wow wow and double wow. Patrick gives the most phenomenal insight. He is both patient and knowledgeable- the perfect mix. He is so accurate having read for me before and predicted detailed events almost to the day. Super talented – would recommend without hesitation”

16th February 2021, DS – LA – USA “Oh Patrick you are so awesome. What I always have loved and respected about you and your delivery, knowledge , abilities – the truth. Your sessions with me assist me with that deeply . Thank you so so much!!!”
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