Skyrim - Best Start + Tips & More!

This is everything i wish i knew when starting this game! tips on how to get great stuff early and showing a bit of evey play style so you find what you like!

00:28 Side With the Storm Cloaks
-Apprentice Robes

1:17 Bandit Camp
-Treasure Map
-Black Mage Robes
-One Handed Skill Book
-Dead Thalmor with 2 Enchanted Items

2:00 Mage Stone

2:09 Anise’s Cabin
-Alchemy Skill Book
-Flawless Emerald

3:02 Embershard Mine
-Mine all Ore
-Light Armour Skill Book

4:20 River wood
-Hidden Chest
-Sell Goods/Buy Iron Ore
-Aquire Faendal

5:26 Chillfurrow Farm
-Aquire Wheat

5:40 Fort Amol
-Bound bow Base Damage 18,
(Mystic binding) Increases to 24 With the Arrows Damage of 24
(Soul trap)
(Oblivion Binding)

6:31 Mzulft
-Glowing Crystal Shard
-Dwarven Ingots 18
-Dwarven Battleaxe

7:14 Whiterun
-Buy Iron Ore
-Archery Skill Book
-Speech Skill Book
-Buy Spells Fast Healing, Lightning Bolt, Lightening Rune, Muffle and Soul Trap
-Alchemy Skill Book
-Smithing Skill Book
-Heavy Armour Skill Book
-Join Companions
-Two Handed Skill Book
-Archery Skill Book
-Restoration Skill Book
-Enchanting Skill Book
-Block Skill Book

11:29 Halted Stream Camp
-Mine All Ore

12:04 The Warrior Stone
-Smith Gold Rings
-Smith Dwarven Suit

12:37 Winterhold
-Join Collage
-Loot All Soul Gems
-Enchant Gold Rings/Necklaces

13:42 Shrine of Azura

14:06 South Shriekwind Borrow
-Flawless Ruby
-Vampire Dust
-Elemental Fury 1/3

15:31 Signus’s Outpost
-Attunement Sphere
-Blank Lexicon

16:35 Shine I’d Boethiah
-Ebony Mail

17:16 Markarth
-Aquire Vigilance
-Mace of Molg Bal

18:24 Shrine of Peryite

18:48 DragonTooth Crater
-Elemental Fury 2/3

19:22 Deep Folk Crossing
-Glowing Crystal Shard 2/4

21:28 Statue of Meridia
-Elemental Fury 3/3

22:56 Northwatch Keep
-Kill all the Elves for all their Armour then enchant it and sell it $$$

22:32 Falkreath
-Buy Land and Get a House Going

24:52 Scumda’s Kiss
-Boost Block & Restoration
-2 Giants Toe

25:24 Bleakfalls Borrow
-Golden Claw

26:17 Sleeping Tree Camp
-Giants Toe
-Mammoths (Grand Souls)

26:41 Whiterun
-Create Potions with ingredients: Creep Cluster, Giants Toe and Wheat to lvl up alchemy and make expensive potions to sell

27:23 High Hrothgar
(If you want)
-Boost Destruction
-Boost Archery
-Boost Illusion
-Boost Sneak

29:09 Collage of Winterhold
-Buy Spell Tomb Invisibility
-Buy Spell Tomb Conjure Dremora Lord
-Buy Spell Tombs Conjure Flame, Frost and Storm Atranach

30:38 Windhelm
-Start the Dark brotherhood
-Join the Storm Cloaks (Optional)
-Stat Dragonborn DLC for Chaos Enchantment

31:39 Fort Frostmoth
-Champion’s Cudgel

32:33 Whiterun
-Create Mase with Chaos Enchantment
-Create Suit
(Helmet) Fortify Destruction 23%
(Chest) Fortify Destruction 23%
(Ring) Fortify Destruction 23%
(Necklace) Fortify Destruction 23%
(Gauntlets) Fortify Magic
-Create Fortify Smithing Suit

33:30 Get Some Dragon Souls

33:54 Riften
-Join Thieves Guild
-Get Amulet of Mara

34:33 Dawngaurd

36:31 Rabdthar
-Glowing Crystal Shard 3/4

36:50 Arkngthamz
-Glowing Crystal Shard 4/4

37:14 Ruins of Bthalft

37:59 The Ritual Stone

38:14 The Atanach Stone
Psychic Reading
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