Numerology 3 and 6 compatibility... Kobe Bryant and Gianna's Death Synced with Michael Jordan, Numer

This sick gang of Freemasons and the Catholic Church do this every single day.

Read "Letters & Numbers" by Zach Hubbard to learn all you need to understand this code used by the powers that shouldn't be. The best $5 you will ever spend -
Zach's 21st channel due to YouTube censorship -
My Instagram -
Black Columbus Division of Police officer driving around in car #42 -
Make sure to keep up with the rituals -
Simple Truth TV -
Bobby Simpson has all the excellent decodes that show you how things are synced up with the stars -
M.o.r - MeasurableObservableRepeatable
Resist control -
Zenith of the Alpha America has a very great take on all of this -
Bowe n Arrow's awesome channel! -
Uncover the code -
Go and watch more videos at Zachary Hubbard's channel -
Exposing the Saturnian gang of tyrants and the specific symbolism they use -

Dr. Savage84 -
His false flag prediction -
The solution to the tyranny can be found here -

Watch these channels to learn a whole lot more.

Jay Pilon -
Dan Behrendt's channel -
Gematrinator's Channel -
numerology 3 and 6 compatibility, modern numerology
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