#Leo | Light&Shadows Oracle + Reiki | August 2020

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Last month was fun, so here we go again!

Light & Shadows Series includes a Shadows card from the Wild Unknown Archetypes deck, by Kim Krans and a Light card from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle deck by Lon.

The intuitive message in the intro before the healing is derived from clairvoyant images I received before the reiki session combined with those received after pulling clarifying cards from the golden thread tarot deck from Labrynthos app. (designed by Tina Gong)

Cards: The Thread (70), Universal love (44)

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Healing Begins at: 2:39

For 1:1 sessions designed to help with something specific, email me at serenthehealer@gmail.com

Reiki is healing life force energy, it matches the energetic frequency of your body and raises it to your max healing capacity within your current condition (as you are right now). It brings all 12 systems of the body to peak possible performance in the body's current state and begins a new healing cycle, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and/or physically before balancing out.
Recipients report a wide array of physical sensations, emotions, visualizations and experiences during a reiki healing treatment. After a reiki healing, it is common to feel intense thirst, emotional and mood elevations, pain reduction, tension release, loopiness, sleepiness, an overwhelming sense of peace and way, way more.
Reiki can only help with the consent of the recipient and can not cause harm in any way. Reiki healing is not meant to replace any treatment or medication prescribed by a doctor but will assist in bringing the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies to a peak homeostatic, harmonious state, thereby increasing receptivity and affectiveness of any prescribed treatment.

Music: bensound.com

Video Intro/Outro: Princess-India

Special Thanks to Princess-India, of Tarot therapy aka The Woke Therapist and my Reiki Master Teacher for the monthly empath readings and...just everything...that's all.

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Everyone in my Woke Soul Tribe for their support
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The Federation for their support
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