How To Become A Systems' Approach Vedic Astrologer

In this course I will teach you how to:

1) Read your natal chart and the charts of your friends and family members using the Systems’ Approach to Vedic astrology which is a scientific paradigm for reading horoscopes.

2) What the best astrological remedies for each rising sign are so that you can help others to improve their lives.

3) How to read transit charts so you can prepare for upcoming transits and keep your friends and family members informed on what to expect.

Everything I teach has been studied by the over 800 Vedic Astrologers using Systems’ Approach worldwide and is tested and proven to be accurate time and time again.

You will learn how to answer astrological queries.

You will also get access to discounted one on one mentorship sessions with myself and free access to forums where you can post questions, get answers, and read others questions and answers.

With Systems' approach you can give accurate, practical, and replicable readings.
Astrology and Horoscopes
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