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This is a Gemini MAY 2020 Horoscope tarot reading for all zodiac signs. Gemini is a zodiac sign of communication, networking, social groups, hard one truth, teaching, researcher, problem-solving through communication, clarity, perspective, identity. This Tarot Reading video is used as an energetic overview of what's present in your current situation and how we use the energy to resolve the issue.

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Decks in order used:
Oceanic Deck: Jayne Wallace
The Power Of Surrender Cards: Judith Orloff
The Wisdom Of The Oracle: Colette Baron Reid
Black Moon Astrology Cards: Susan Sheppard (Author), Jane Marin (Author)

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Please remember the information provided in these videos is not intended to replace your own judgment in any way. Seek professional advice where necessary. These are general readings and may not resonate with everyone - please book a personal reading if you'd like messages for your personal situation.

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