Black goddess oracle cards. Unboxing Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

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0:00 Tarot Unboxing Intro
5:02 The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck & Guidebook - most popular tarot cards on Amazon
8:05 Everyday Tarot by Biddy. Tarot - tiniest itty bitty tarot cards ever
11:08 Cat Tarot - these were the cutest!!!
13:32 Chrysalis Tarot Deck & Book Set - this box was deceptively big because the cards were kinda small
18:59 The Sacred Self-Care Oracle Cards
21:43 Moonology Oracle Cards

Who Wants To Make A Card Deck?!
This is a fairly new request that I've been getting a lot of in 2020. And by 2020, I mean pre-COVID times, like back in January/February timeframe. So it's been on my To Do List for quite a while for a future video topic.

Why Create A Card Deck?
They're the perfect addition to any stationery or novelty store. And the perfect item to start selling today on Amazon, as a wholesaler to gift shops, new age crystal shops, novelty shops, bookstores, stationery stores and more!

Have a great idea for a card deck of:
Tarot Cards
Oracle Cards
Angel Cards
Game Cards - hello Cards Against Humanity is not hurting for sales
Fortune Cookie style cards
Inspirational Cards
Bible Study Cards
Devotional Cards

Or what about conquering new territory with
Life Coaching Cards
Motivational Cards
Fitness Workout Cards
Health & Wellness Cards
Keto / Paleo Cards
Food Nutrition Cards
Weight Loss Cards
Beauty Blogger Cards
Fashion Cards
Influencer Cards
Discussion Starter Cards
Team Building Cards for Corporate America
Dating Cards
Lightworker Cards
Healing Cards
Self-Care Kit Cards
Travel Blogger Style Cards
Fun Facts Cards
Fashion Cards
Shoe Cards
Exotic/Luxury Car Fact Cards

There is an unlimited potential pool of ideas for your next Card Deck. Someone out there cannot wait to buy your amazing card deck!

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