Astrology Feb 26-March 3 2020 - Venus square Pluto/Saturn Zodiac according to hindu calendar

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Aspects this week:

Wed Feb 26:
Moon square Mars 12:32 am PST
Mercury trine NN sextile SN 8:46 am PST

Thurs Feb 27:
Moon square Jupiter 1:21 am PST
Moon conj Venus 9:05 am PST
Moon square Pluto 11:46 am PST
Moon square Saturn 7:24 pm PST
Moon ingress Taurus 11:29 pm PST

Fri Feb 28:
Moon conj Uranus 6:49 am PST
Moon sextile Mercury 7:50 am PST
Moon sextile NN trine SN 11:26 am PST
Venus square Pluto 2:08 pm PST
Moon trine Mars 4:55 pm PST
Mercury sextile Uranus 7:12 pm PST
Moon sextile sun 7:39 pm PST

Sat Feb 29:
Moon sextile Neptune 11:50 am PST
Moon trine Jupiter 2:40 pm PST

Sun March 1:
Moon trine Pluto 12:03 am PST
Moon trine Saturn 7:52 am PST
Moon ingress Gemini 11:20 am PST
Moon square Mercury 3:04 pm PST

Mon March 2:
Moon inconj Mars 7:39 am PST
Moon square sun (1st Q) 11:57 am PST
Moon square Neptune 10:24 pm PST

Tues March 3:
Venus square Saturn 8:44 am PST
Moon inconj Pluto 9:54 am PST
Moon inconj Saturn 5:34 pm PST
Moon sextile Venus 6:19 pm PST
Moon ingress Cancer 8:25 pm PST
Moon trine Mercury 8:44 pm PST

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