Astrology April 22-28 2020 | Taurus New Moon | Mercury square Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn

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Aspects this week:

April 22:
Moon conj sun (new moon) 7:25 pm PDT

April 23:
Moon conj Uranus 1:28 am PDT
Moon square Mars 10:30 pm PDT

April 24:
Moon sextile Neptune 4:37 am PDT
Moon trine Pluto 2:26 pm PDT
Moon trine JUpiter 5:42 pm PDT

April 25:
Moon ingress Gemini 12:19 am PDT
Mercury square PLuto 12:35 am PDT
Moon trine Saturn 3:47 am PDT
Pluto station Rx 11:54 am PDT
Mercury square Jupiter 9:31 pm PDT

April 26:
Sun conj Uranus 2:00 am PDT
Moon conj Venus 9:38 am PDT
Moon trine Mars 12:54 pm PDT
Moon trine Neptune 3:31 pm PDT

April 27:
Moon sextile Mercury 9:59 am PDT
Moon ingress Cancer 10:27 am PDT
Moon conj NN opp SN 10:54 am PDT
Mercury ingress Taurus 12:52 pm PDT
Mercury trine SN sextile NN 3:37 pm PDT
Moon sextile Uranus 11:08 pm PDT

April 28:
Moon sextile sun 2:38 am PDT
Mercury square Saturn 10:27 am PDT

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