WEBINAR ALERT! | What Are The Types of Horoscope | What Is a Vedic Kundli | How TO Draw A Chart ? |

There are many ways to draw a Vedic Horoscope and this webinar will help you better your basics and understand some simple steps to draw a horoscope.

We shall discuss 3 main charts and some secrets to get prosperity and luck!

Do take notes and this could be a practice you want to follow always!

Vedic Astrologer & Vaastu Consultant Kaartik Gor has studied Jyotisa in a tradition of Jagannath Puri which dates back to 500+ years. Born in Gujarat (near Somnath) he studied Vedic Astrology from a very young age in the tradition from his Gurudev in the Himalayas for over a decade.
He has learned Jaimini Sutras, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BHPS), Mantra Shastra, and various Jyotish scriptures. He has a very modern approach to the subject and feels the knowledge must be "easy to understand", "Logical" and "applicable" in today's age and time.
He stays in Dubai and currently consults and teaches Vedic astrology Globally. He is also a speaker and writes columns on strategic world matters giving an Astrological point of view. There are many famous predictions he has given in his career, apart from being a sought after consultant he is also invited for various Jyotish conferences and webinars globally. He firmly believes that being a good student is MUST be a good teacher and no substitute for hard work!
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