Virgo love - Virgo vs Water signs - This is true love. Allow it to unfold naturally...

Love readings for singles, couples, soulmates, twinflames, romantic relationships... plus self-love, self-and spiritual development... to find your happy place and your vibrational match.

My readings are usually timeless ones, unless otherwise stated. Whenever you come across them, that is the right time for you to receive the message.

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These are general readings, they won’t and can’t possibly resonate with everyone. Please trust your intuition, and take it into account, when making decisions.

Accepting donations from those who feel called to support my free content. May your generosity return to you multifold.

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Cards I am using in different readings:
My own energy oracle cards with my channelled paintings

Other Oracle decks:
Keepers of the light:
Energy Oracle Cards:
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards:
Abundance Angels oracle cards:
Romance Angels oracle deck:
Ascended Masters oracle deck:
Archangel Michael oracle deck:
Archangel Raphael oracle deck:
The Soul's Journey Oracle cards:
The Crystal Deck:
Power Animals oracle deck:
The Starseed oracle:

Tarot cards:
Original Raider Waite Tarot cards:
Ethereal Visions Tarot cards:
The Truth Seekers Tarot:
The Shadowscapes Tarot:
The Splendor Solis Tarot:
Archangel Power Tarot cards:
Guilded Reverie Lenormand Tarot (extended):
Tarot and Cards
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