Twin Flame Tarot Weekly Forecast March 1-7, 2021

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0:00 Twin Flame Tarot
2:31 DF tarot
11:27 DM tarot
20:52 TF tarot

I pull tarot and oracle cards for both the Divine Feminine (DF) and the Divine Masculine (DM) and the Twin Flame (TF) couple, as well. When I speak of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, please remember the term "Divine" means "holy". Feminine and Masculine do not refer to one specific gender.

**Tarot Card and Oracle Card Decks Used in Video**

Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards -
Rider-Waite Tarot -
Chrysalis Tarot -
Abraham Hicks Into the Vortex Relationship Cards -
Romance Angels Oracle Cards -
(These are no longer in print, so these are not the original cards. They don't come with a book and ship from China.)
Wild Kuan Yin Oracle Decks-
White Sage Tarot-
Dali Tarot-
Paulina Tarot-
Gemstone Playing Cards-
Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards-
Work Your Light Oracle Cards-
Moonology Oracle Cards -
Halloween Oracle-
Starseed Oracle-
Santa Muerte Tarot-
Golden Girls Tarot-
Power Thoughts Oracle Cards-
Red Hot Love Oracle-
Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg-
Palm Reading Cards-
Light Seer's Tarot-
Modern Witch Tarot-
Rebel Oracle Deck-

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