Tarot Reading: Moving On From A Dark, Troubling Time. Positive Changes Are On Their Way

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Hello! Thank you for being here. I’m Ellyn, an intuitive energy reader providing general readings – with a focus on spiritual growth, self-love and self-development messages. I hope you find the messages you need in these general readings. Please take what resonates, leave what does not. Energy and timing are fluid. Much love and light!

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I am:
Sun: Virgo
Moon: Capricorn
Rising: Libra
Life path #9

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*Legal Disclaimer* These readings are meant for entertainment purposes only. These readings do not constitute, or serve as a substitute for, legal, financial, medical, psychological or professional advice. I take no responsibility and accept no liability whatsoever for personal choices and/or actions taken before, during or after viewing these readings. Please use your own intuition and discernment.
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