Tarot Of Transformation-Tarot Cards-Close Up Review-On Healing & Spiritual Transformation!-Request!

This is a Close Up Review of The Tarot of Transformation. A request from comments.
Tarot Of Transformation-https://amzn.to/2E6dUPc
Chart Your Own Course To Healing & Spiritual Transformation
Willow Arlenea & Jasmin Cori

This beautiful tarot deck combines the artwork of Willow Arlenea with Jasmin Cori a psychotherapeutic perspective all in one. This tarot deck creates a different deeper journey to the usual tarot cards as it is working with you on your inner spiritual transformation, your spiritual awakening, your deeper understanding of self and so taking you on a deeper journey than other tarot decks in a different vein. The cards themselves are color coded, some renamed to reflect the spiritual meaning and the guidebook has expanded deeper meanings for each card to go on a deeper journey of self discovery with. When asked in the comments what deck works specifically with spiritual growth this deck came to mind. As it stands alone. It is a journey of self discovery and transformation during these times of great transformation. A deck that makes you think, go deeper and transform and find your way.
The images and artwork are beautiful and the new meanings are deeper and take you on a different journey. We are all in a state of transformation so this is a very fitting deck to show right now! It is one of those decks I put to the side to work with that is on another level.

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