Speed Learning Cartomancy Fortune Telling With Playing Cards? PISCES: The Unexpected | February 2020

Hi there -

☀ This is like a bookend to the month's love reading(s) - it's a recap of what's happened in the month prior but also takes a look at something unexpected coming up!
It is intended for romantic love situations but may resonate otherwise. I hope this helps prepare you for the weeks ahead. ❤

☀ Credit for the spread: Soul Moon Tarot

☀ Merch for the soul! https://teespring.com/stores/soul-moon-tarot

☀ Cards are casino shuffled off camera (otherwise it catches the cloth, messes with the sound), then slide shuffled on camera.

☀ Cards in the spread are clarified where it makes sense for me to do so.

☀ Being that it is a general reading and will not resonate with everyone - take what resonates and leave the rest.

☀ Check your moon, rising and venus signs for more clarification.
To find your moon/rising/venus, go to cafeastrology.com or astro.com (they're free and I'm not affiliated).

???????? Recommend a Reader shout out:
***7 Cups of Spritual T ***https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ9r1XFY7btrb30NHwC9BcQ/featured

????: ZOYA Fern, Yuna

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