Solar Eclipse | Surya Grahan | Coronavirus time | According To Astrology | Vivek Mudgal | 21 June|

In this video, I tried to tell you about the effects of Solar Eclipse going to held on 21st June 2020, according to Astrology.

According to Astrology, Solar Eclipse is falling on 21st June 2020, and in this Corona time, the effects will be more dangerous. Four planets will be seen combined in the 12th house of Kaal Purush Kundli i.e Sun, Mercury, Rahu, and Moon. because of this combination in 12th house, explosions, fire, terrorist activities, kind of a cold war could be seen with the neighboring countries. Death of ACtor or leader also seen.

The twelfth house is a house of damage, disease, sacrifice, jail, loss, and with the four planets in the same house means Sun the planet of energy, Moon is thinking, mercury is mind and Rahu is Wound, so the whole world feels less energetic and confusing and depression takes over the whole world.
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