Reading The Signs Tarot. Free Tarot and Oracle Cards Demo 6/30/2020

Free just pick one of the decks listed below. One at a time, a list of who is next will be in chat.

Hello, I hope all is well in this hard time. I am beginning to offer remote service: Oracle cards/ Tarot 30 min Divination video call or email with photos. Donations gratefully accepted at

Now is the time to overcome your blocks, I will help you identify and overcome your blocks. If you have any questions or just want an energy forecast or just to hear for the E.Ts and Ancestors.

Please respond to this email to set up services or any questions.

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Altar Alchemy Divination
#1 Water Crystal Oracle
Microscopic images of water molecules based on intent aligned with a water element for flow and creativity.
#2 Alchemy in Flight Oracle
Created by Uel to teach the alchemical concept of movement and mental transmutation.
#3 Great Grandmother Ancestor Tarot
That was given to me by my great-aunt this deck was from the seventies used by my great-grandmother. The energies of the ancestors and mediumship flow through this deck.
#4 Shadow of Oz Tarot
Tarot deck illustrated by multiple comic book artists to portray the Whimsical magic of L Frank Baum's Oz books.
#5 Anime Angel Oracle
Illustrations in the anime style of different angels with con and fashions put the energy of flight and protection.
#6 Magic the Gathering Oracle
Deliberately selective game cards used now exclusively for divination selected to create a fully-formed Oracle deck.
#7 Santa Muerte Tarot Book of the Dead
This tarot shows the beauty of life and death skeleton form in all of its beautiful aspects. The Macabre but beautiful images show the full spectrum of The Human Experience.

More than one that can be chosen readings go for 30 minutes flute music being played and recording if requested.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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