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Hi Virgo!
Venus in your 10th House of Career brings some great charm to your work persona—now might be the time to persuade your boss that you’re the one for the job you want to do. Mars says initiate new healthy habits this month and a big cleanout can give you a burst of energy. The Taurus New Moon brings themes of rule-making on the job and you’ll want to toe the line. But the monkey wrench here is Uranus, which is bringing the desire to break the rules and that could be triggered by a new view of the big picture that has you realize you’ve been working for The Man and not yourself.

Your chart also contains lots of intimacy and relationship themes this month. Mercury passes through several relationship houses and the Libra Full Moon provides an opportunity to renegotiate how you share money with your partner and to get it into a better, healthier balance. So those deep thoughts you’ve been having about the viability of your relationship are not being wasted. Maybe you should share them? Your partner might be readier than you think to talk about the hard stuff and how to make it better.

If Virgo is your Sun sign, be sure to go watch the video for your Rising sign, which will be more on point.

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We love you, Virgo!
-Jamie and Julia, the Pandora Astrology Team
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