OVERCOMING MORE BLOCKAGES. New Moon in Virgo September 2020 Astrology Horoscope

This horoscope is for the new moon in Virgo, which happens on Thursday, September 17, 2019 at 7 a.m. ET.

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We have been trying to change our lives for quite some time to be something different than what it once was for many decades — and ideally better.

I believe we have been able to change our lives and step into this better experience a few months ago in July 2020.

However, we could STILL not feel like we really are in this different and better space that we actually are in. We could feel, instead, like we are still stuck in these old, hard things that we have been trying to escape, despite our best efforts.

As a result, the new moon in Virgo is here, helping us get to the bottom of what isn't working, come up with a better strategy moving forward, and overcome these old unhealthy things that are holding us back.

It could be hard for us to do that at first. It could be hard for us to do that because we could still be sad about the past, confused about what will work, and tired of constantly trying things that have failed.

However, we are going to have to overcome that sadness, confusion, or exhaustion. We are going to have to overcome that — and settle on, or choose, another strategy or way forward that is better for us anyways.

We may not know 100 percent what will work, but we are having to rely on our intuition to help us pick a better plan – and to pick a better plan that, in particular, is VERY DIFFERENT from anything we have done before.

Picking a very different plan forward then helps us to feel much better, easier, and lighter about life. It also helps us to overcome old things that have kept us unstable and insecure.

Not only does it help us to overcome old things, but it also helps us as well to be more open to receiving good things down the line after we fix these old issues first.

Being more open to receive good things then picks up our spirits even more and allows us to consider possible options and possibilities for our future in which we feel more emotionally balanced and can work better with people.

Those future ideas and options are not a reality YET, but are being made a possible by the work we do this month to fix and overcome some old things that are still holding us back.

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