My Tarot Deck Collection (March 2021)

Join me for a look at my entire Tarot deck collection as of March 2021! We’ll take a quick peek at my 100+ decks and briefly chat about how I incorporate them into my personal reading practice.

0:29 Personal Practice Decks
5:16 Healing & Support Decks
10:05 Deep Inner Work Decks
14:22 Cosmic Connection Decks
17:28 Nature & Animal Decks
20:32 Old World & Historical Decks
28:37 Earthy & Ancestral Decks
33:20 Modern & Mundane Decks
36:26 Magical & Esoteric Decks
41:31 Dark & Gothic Decks
44:36 Surreal & Dreamscape Decks
49:12 Storybook Decks
52:47 Fantasy Decks

For the complete list of all the decks featured here, including purchase links, please visit my website

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This video is for entertainment purposes only and intended for audiences 18 and over.
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