MINOR ARCANA: explaining the minor arcana tarot cards E85

thanks for watching! this video is for beginners, or for people who have basically mastered tarot & just need a refresher! even i need a refresher sometimes, that’s why i look at notes when explaining the cards, so i don’t forget! it’s hard to remember the meanings of minor arcana cards because there’s 56 of them! this is all the minor arcana tarot cards explained in under an hour & twenty minutes, so i hope you enjoy! if you’re interested in any of the decks in the video, i explain them all & give their names in the beginning of my major arcana video! be sure to check out my learning tarot playlist if you’re interested in other videos on this subject! i also have many other playlists on witchy subjects, world issues, extraterrestrials, energy, other lives, astrology, etc! i hope you enjoy, & i love you all!

here’s some timestamps if you‘d like to fast forward to certain suits or card meanings
pentacles/earth: 2:30
ace of pentacles: 2:57
2 of pentacles: 4:04
3 of pentacles: 5:23
4 of pentacles: 6:28
5 of pentacles: 7:13
6 of pentacles: 8:30
7 of pentacles: 9:48
8 of pentacles: 10:46
9 of pentacles: 12:11
10 of pentacles: 13:21
page of pentacles: 14:34
knight of pentacles: 16:17
queen of pentacles: 17:44
king of pentacles: 19:06
swords/air: 20:17
ace of swords: 20:47
2 of swords: 21:52
3 of swords: 23:52
4 of swords: 25:10
5 of swords: 25:57
6 of swords: 27:16
7 of swords: 28:42
8 of swords: 30:05
9 of swords: 31:08
10 of swords: 32:11
page of swords: 34:00
knight of swords: 35:10
queen of swords: 36:19
king of swords: 38:05
wands/fire: 39:54
ace of wands: 40:23
2 of wands: 41:10
3 of wands: 42:49
4 of wands: 44:42
5 of wands: 46:03
6 of wands: 47:28
7 of wands: 48:31
8 of wands: 49:24
9 of wands: 51:28
10 of wands: 52:44
page of wands: 54:01
knight of wands: 55:25
queen of wands: 57:17
king of wands: 58:40
cups/water: 1:00:04
ace of cups: 1:00:42
2 of cups: 1:01:35
3 of cups: 1:03:07
4 of cups: 1:04:21
5 of cups: 1:05:47
6 of cups: 1:06:35
7 of cups: 1:07:44
8 of cups: 1:08:56
9 of cups: 1:09:56
10 of cups: 1:11:07
page of cups: 1:11:46
knight of cups: 1:12:58
queen of cups: 1:14:38
king of cups: 1:15:54

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