LUCK LINE ON PALM - Signs Of Psychic Abilities/Psychic Powers | Mystic cross | Postive and Negative

Signs Of Psychic Abilities/Psychic Powers | Mystic cross | Postive and Negative Energy

In this video, some amazing yogas have been discussed in astrology and palmistry, which gives a person the ability to see bodily spirits, invisible powers, and spirits.
The positive effects that humans have on the negative, these powers affect the human, which is the Moon mountain in hand, Rahu mountain.
In Saathi astrology, one can assess by looking at the position of the eighth house, barwa house, moon etc.
Palmistry is a science which reveals personality and character traits of a person with the study of the shape, size, and lines of the hands and fingers, there are two divisions which is associated with ancient science. Chiromancy that is deals with palm lines on the hand and chirognomy deals with the hand shape, color and texture of the palm, fingers and thumb.

It’s a science that has many different permutations in hundreds of different culture and dialects across the world. If you want to know about your life, then you can use our unique Palm reading feature to achieve all that you want in life.

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हम शिक्षा, जागरूकता, ज्योतिष, आध्यात्मिकता, यूपीएससी और विविध प्रकार के आयामों पर वीडियो बनाते हैं।

इस वीडियो में ज्योतिष तथा हस्तरेखा विज्ञान में कुछ अद्भुत योगों की चर्चा की है जो व्यक्ति को अशरीरी आत्माएं अदृश्य शक्तियों, व आत्माओं को देखने की क्षमता देती है।
मनुष्य पर जो सकारात्मक वह नकारात्मक प्रभाव डालती हैं, यह शक्तियां मानव को प्रभावित करती हैं जोकि हाथ में चंद्र पर्वत, राहु पर्वत।
साथी ज्योतिष में अष्टम घर, बारवा घर चंद्रमा की स्थिति इत्यादि देखकर आकलन कर सकते हैं।
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