Local psychic mediums - Psychic Development Course - Psychic Reading Shortcuts with Tana Newberry

Psychic Development Course - Psychic Reading Shortcuts with Tana Newberry

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I Promise, This Online Course is a GAME CHANGER!
Take your reading to the next level! I'll teach you shortcuts for Mediumship, Predicting Timeframes, Health and Body Readings and extending your session lengths with my very own 20 Questions Method!

Visit the Course and Register here https://www.tananewberry.com/psychic-reading-shortcuts

This Course Features 4 Lessons Titled...

Health & Body
Learn to give readings about the energy and physical body

Learn how to, not just get the HOW, but the WHEN.

Learn how to contact and connect with the other side.

20 Questions
Get info fast and easy... and the detail keeps coming!

What if I told you that not only EVERYONE was psychic, but that everyone could learn and practice the skill of being a PROFOUND Psychic Reader?

What if I told you that you could, not just be a great psychic reader, but you could also be an extremely accurate psychic reader? What if I told you that there was a way to ensure that every time you sat down to do a reading, not only would the information flow, but that you would actually anticipate the questions of your client and answer them fulfilling what it is they came in to see you for?

Imagine this, you’re about to or want to do a psychic reading. You go into the reading...
You do get a few hits. You share those few hits, but then the information is vague… then runs out. Maybe you planned to sit down with the person for 30 minutes, but only five minutes have gone by, you've said what you got, and now you don't know what to do!

I'm Tana Newberry.
I’ve been a professional Psychic Reader for over 15 years conducting over 10K sessions and am a renowned Psychic Development Teacher. Also... I get it. You want to be a psychic reader, but you don't exactly know how to be a great one, or you're giving okay psychic readings now, but you really have a desire to do more than you can do at the present moment.

When I started doing psychic readings, I thought that I had some natural ability. I was right, but I wasn't yet a good psychic reader.

I looked up to so many of those who did psychic readings skillfully and I thought, "How do I bring myself to the point where I am giving readings like those I'm drawn to?" Not only did I have to build my psychic skill set, but I had to learn how a reading should be conducted and take place in order to actually address the questions of my clients.

The truth is, even though everybody is psychic, not everybody is a great psychic reader. Not only can I teach you how to be a great psychic reader, but I can help you master your skills to the level of accuracy that will leave your clients wanting more!

And most of all, it will be heartfelt, meaningful, and it's inspiring for the people around you, bringing you and them closer to Spirit. That's why you want to be a psychic reader in the first place, right? Being vague is never going to cut it. We need to be able to show up for our clients and give them detailed psychic readings. So over the past 15 years, I've not only honed in on my own abilities, but I've cultivated the ones that weren't as natural as well as figured out how to use those as a vehicle to drive my readings into the results that I wanted to with accuracy, inspiration, and fulfillment for my clients' questions.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine something for a moment...
I want you to imagine that your client walks in for your reading and that you are confident, you are ready to go, and not only did they ask their first question, but they received 20 answers from you about that question without actually going into great detail. Not only is the reading awesome, but they can't wait to schedule their next one next time they need advice or guidance.

I'm really excited to offer you this course and I know it's going to blow the lid off of your psychic abilities and psychic reading skills. 'Psychic Reading Shortcuts' make the whole session easier and faster… and the information just keeps coming!

Each lesson includes

-A Written Description and Instruction
-A Guided Video Workshop with real students
-Homework assignment to practice your readings

Tana‘s closed Facebook group for students ‘Practice Your Psychic Readings’ is a wonderful place to get your homework done if you need a community to practice with!

As a bonus you’ll receive Four Video Meditations, one for each lesson that you can use over and over before you practice your own readings.

Visit the Course and Register here https://www.tananewberry.com/psychic-reading-shortcuts
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