LEARN ASTROLOGY: Am I Psychic? | Top Five Indicators of Psychic Spiritual Gifts

So...*am I psychic?* Do you find yourself asking...wondering....hoping that certain experiences indicate a true gift? In this video, I'm going to share with you five ways to see psychic abilities *in your astrological birth chart* that are just waiting for you to tap into them, develop them and become who you are meant to be. While it's true that everyone has intuition, not everyone is psychic....and further, not everyone is here to expand on those gifts as part of their mission....even further, not everyone is here to *be* psychic *as* their main mission. But...if you have a few of these signs, this can help you open up to this path. This is Part One of a series....there's a LOT to talk about! To take this one more step, in Part Two, we're going to talk about Aspects between planets that might indicate psychic abilities and....in Part Three, we'll discuss progressions and transits that can be activating your psychic spiritual gifts . Find out more about MJ's astrology and spiritual path course offerings: https://www.soulfulrevolutiontv.com/courses

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