how i use tarot cards as a beginner // using tarot cards for guidance (connecting to the divine)

hi beautiful souls!
i was asked to make a video about tarot cards (by the wonderful gillon... i adore you !!!!) so i thought i'd talk about how i use tarot cards as a beginner !

i use tarot cards as a way to connect to my angels (and the divine) and ask for guidance. although i tend to use my pendulum a lot more than my tarot cards, i love how much tarot can connect you to the divine and give you in-depth answers to your questions! i'm forever grateful that i have discovered this method of divination!

what do you think about tarot cards? do you have your own deck? let me know ♡

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♡ I really hope you enjoyed this video, and please, if you want, share your stories/journeys with me! or tell me how you are !! or share a joke! I looove comments :))

is there any videos that you'd like to see from me?

I hope you're staying healthy and safe *:・゚✧
and if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here :)


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equipment i use:
- main camera: Canon 600D
- lens: 50mm f1.8
- vlogging camera: Canon G7X

I'm going to head off now, I hope you enjoyed xo
see you next time, stay safe ♡
Tarot and Cards
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