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" This woman gave me some peace. She said she saw a contact six or nine I did have contact it wasn't what I was hoping for but she was correct." July 04, 2020

"he was awesome. Answer my questions with accuracy and read the POI like a book." July 03, 2020

"I Absolutely love her... She knows things that honestly, only I know. She's honest, and accurate" June 29, 2020

I am a Professional Psychic* with over 30 years of experience, I have the "Wisdom of the Ages" passed from my ancestors. I provide Tarot Readings and Spiritual Forecasts relying on my Intuitive Empathic and Psychic Clairvoyant abilities. I can assist you in finding your way out of darkness, unfolding your future and offering wise counsel.

I'm a gifted intuitive and spiritualist that has spent many years offering spiritual guidance to many. As a Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach and Quantum Reiki Master Healer, I have made the decision to help others with their path in life. Many times we are in need of a little guidance to help us navigate our way through relationships, life changes and money struggles, I have found tarot and spiritual practices to be a valid way towards attaining insight and wisdom during such times. It is my goal to bring you the answers you seek and the guidance you need with love, light and peace.

Namaste ~:~

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"She was the real deal....I always stick with my same psychics and decided to try out a new one, glad I did! Have 2 men that are interested in a relationship with me but not ready. She confirmed and said things they have told me with out me saying anything about our's raining men!!! Lol inside joke for Christina! Thank you" March 22, 2020

"Absolutely the best! Accurate reading with details, no questions asked she reads it as she sees it. Called with tears and saddness and ended with a smile, confidence and positive vibes! Thnk u!!! Many blessings" March 14th, 2020

"I love her. She's brutally honest and compassionate. She gets straight to the point with her readings. She's so positive and easy to talk to. No fantasy readings with this one. What I admire, she cuts the the chase without sugarcoating anything. She was/ and is able to put my situation, into a better prospective. What I love is that she gives you options on how to deal with your situation. I have to say you, take your time with her when you do your readings. Because shes able to pick up on a lot of information. Her timeframes for me have been extremely accurate. I felt and feel so connected with her when she reads for me . shes worth every penny. I literally talk to her every week at lest twice a week." March 06, 2020

"She is really an amazing advisor and so spot on. She picks up on information as if by osmosis and delivers accurate insightful details. She will tell you something not knowing how impactful her predictions are. I must admit I was truly impressed with her reading and yes I will absolutely call her again." February 24, 2020

"Wheeeeewww Chile!!! Blew me away and that's hard to do... She knew details she confirmed soooooo many things even my grandma spirit around me. She gave me reassurance about being still and continuing to pray. That they where being heard! OMG... IDK she was just ammmaaaaazzing!! New fav thanks much love" February 25, 2020


*Autumn Phoenix Gypsy is affiliated under a pseudonym with an accredited National Psychic Network that cannot be mentioned due to their mutually exclusive non-disclosure agreement.
All testimonials are by paying clients that have had a professional reading personally by Autumn Phoenix Gypsy
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