Gemini November 2020 Horoscope | Gemini November Monthly Horoscope 2020 In Urdu by dr mazhar waris

Gemini November 2020 Horoscope | Gemini November Monthly Horoscope 2020 In Urdu by dr mazhar waris

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Dr.mazhar waris is famous Astrologer in Pakistan. He has 17 years of experience in Astrology, Numerology and Ramal. He is known for his political predictions which came true. He predicted General Pervaiz Mushraf Down Fall, Nawaz Sharif Down Fall and Imran Khan became Primisnister of Pakistan. He is Astrologer who predicted that Imran Khan is became priminister of Pakistan Although every astrologer of Pakistan predicted that Imran khan not became Priminister of Pakistan. He also predicted that co-relation Government of Pakistan Therek e insaf and also forms Co-Relation Government in Pujab. He also wrote many Articles and appear in TV Channels. He also write column in Daily Dunya Newspaper “your daily Horoscope”. He received a Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Award for his devotion to Astrology and Psychology. He is also author of one Book name as “Dengue is Curable”. His credible work is work on Amitab bachan Horoscope which is corrected by him and Amita bachan Kundli which is wrong.

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