Diana Clairvoyant Medium! Capricorn PATIENCE THE SITUATION IS GOING TO RESOLVE ITSELF, April 2020 We

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Lynda is performing a #psychic tarot card predictive reading. This is a general reading. Please take with you what resonates with you, if it doesn't resonate, it is ment for another. Learn the meaning to the cards, Rider-Waite deck. 

Also using the deck Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

General readings cover a wider range of people and circumstances. The energies can also meld into earlier and later weeks. Time is fluid, every sign falls differently in Our charts. Our souls Do resonate, vibrate to the truth. So listen with your heart. Predictions can often comes as a surprise. Check out my community page for explanation on How Time is Fluid.

Check out your moon and rising signs if your Sun sign is only partially resonating.

At this time I Only use upright cards. As a learning channel I have started out basic, and will be advancing gradually. Combination meanings are now included in a formats that helps a student learn. 

This is an evolving channel. Remember we all have free will. Only you are responsible for the choices you make.

Secrets of your Rising sign https://youtu.be/b1XfWmWXrlE

Timeless card readings here Pick A Piles by element are first


https://youtu.be/fq1TZzomHeM   Taurus https://youtu.be/2O98Bvbe2FM 

Capricorn https://youtu.be/nS6LDV-djFw Virgo  https://youtu.be/QdWZ74ival0


https://youtu.be/PzmT8JKjmT8    Gemini https://youtu.be/IO5VNRqqbGY

Aquarius https://youtu.be/27rq_Ge9dso Libra  https://youtu.be/SaI3lmMh-O4


https://youtu.be/ZtxHzucxk48   Aries https://youtu.be/Nua5mpTjmac  Sagittarius https://youtu.be/BLbJZ09mbtg LEO https://youtu.be/nFd0RBK2wMc


https://youtu.be/MAZu5pODqRQ  Cancer https://youtu.be/GsSIMdOsOMI Pisces https://youtu.be/i3aoSvn8a9c Scorpio https://youtu.be/eDwm3AdppSA

Thank you for TUNING in.......What is happening on my channel is I connect with my subscribers and commenters because I think about them. Your energy is being brought in and your question is more easily answered. Time and time again I see those who are asking for free readings get their questions answered for free when I post the next video for their sign. Their energy is being brought in because I really do think about you guys and all your comments. Your support really matters!! So grateful, Namaste.

Thank you for all the super wonderful validation and positive feedback many hundreds of them, Thany you for the donations and gifts, you guys are great!!!????Lynda Faith Keeper 

I am an Aquarius Sun, Taurus Rising and Sagittarius moon, intuitive, clairsentient empath. I am an artist, author, numerologist, dream interpreter and spiritualist.  I am here to guide the seeker to the answers, of the questions they may have.  This has been my souls path since 1986.I am here to help others.

You can email me for a private reading and receive details of pricing and availability.


Your invited to find out more:The following is a book I coauthored 

Musical Chairs the Mystery

Book by Drift (Lucky) Walker Kidd and Faith Keeper our pen names


A mystery with a SURPRISE. Join us while this adventure unfolds. 

The second book is being written now. Ozmozezz 

Please help keep me going on here, and support the channel. Tarot is my life, I have been divinely guided on my journey. I hope you will enjoy coming along with me on this wonderful adventure that has been put in my path. 

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