Dec 1 Zodiac : Saturn Sadesati: How to Judge it in Vedic Astrology?

Shani (Saturn) Externally, Shani signifies people who maintain low level and basic facilities: service people, workmen, people doing manual labor, cleaning people, servants, people dedicated to their jobs for a long time, very responsible and committed people. Also signified are people who are very introvert or hidden from the public eye, researchers, reclusives, monks. Physically, Shani signifies the parts of the body that are instrumental to restricting the movement. Whereas Surya signifies the bones, Shani signifies the joints, tenants and muscles that keep the skeleton within a range of motions. Shani also signifies the physical aspect of the nervous system. Internally, Shani indicates traits and abilities related to long term values. Responsibility, commitment, the ability to deal with grief, stability, longevity. Qualities signified by Shani: slow but steady, responsible, cold, withdrawn, humble, restricted, detached, dirty, dark, old. Determining what objects are signified by Saturn: Whatever parts are most remote from the core, whatever part is essential for the physical longevity, the least attractive parts that have their use in the long run, things related to elimination and separation.


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