Crystals Q&A, Clairvoyance, & My Journey with The Light & The Dark

For those of you who have been making requests, please leave a comment and let me know exactly what it is you want me to discuss regarding crystals. Are you wanting a general overview on crystals, healing and how to use them? Or do you have a specific crystal in mind that you want me to speak about? I will also briefly touch on my journey and what I truly believe made things happen the way that they did. This will tie into clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience abilities as this has been part of my journey. I will discuss my journey, how I arrived here, and my experience with Light Arts as well as Dark Arts. I will discuss the upside of each, as well as downsides, and how they can both be used for different situations. This is not evil or malicious in any way and I am not supporting either one outright. I am simply going to educate on what I know and how I came to understand these things.
Psychic Reading
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