Best Etsy Psychics. Sagittarius~THEY WERE BLIND, BUT NOW THEY SEE April 2020 Tarot Reading

If you know a young lady interested in hygiene tips, perfumes, lotions, shopping and so much more, have her follow my daughter's page:


Email your questions to in the following format:

1.) Question 1

2.) Question 2

3.) Question 3

1 question ............10 minute video = $45

3 questions ..........20 minute video = $65

*All invoices are sent through Palpal invoice

In your email, use the following format for questions and include a brief description if necessary. Once you have submitted your question(s), I will send you a PayPal invoice. Readings are sent within 5 business days after invoice is paid. Thank you for trusting me and my guides to give you insight into your concerns.


*****If you liked what you heard and want to be a blessing to this channel you can do so at this link. Thank you in advance and may it be returned to you in unlimited and abundant ways.

****These tarot readings are based on present time and energy. One single incident can change the outcome of what is shown. In no way should you use tarot over your own discernment. Water Star Vibes holds no legal responsibility for decisions made based off of any reading.****
Psychic Reading
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