August 2020 Horoscope All Signs: Let the Fights, Games and Healing Begin!

In August, we have a full Moon in Aquarius (August 3rd), a new Moon in Leo (August 19th), Uranus starts its retrograde movement on August 15th, and Mars squares the three planets in Capricorn for the whole month. What does August 2020 have in store for each zodiac sign? Make sure to listen to both your Sun sign and your rising sign.

Aries 4:52
Taurus 15:37
Gemini 28:28
Cancer 39:09
Leo 51:09
Virgo 1:01:32
Libra 1:11:30
Scorpio 1:25:22
Sagittarius 1:34:36
Capricorn 1:45:45
Aquarius 1:55:33
Pisces 2:06:01

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