Astrology for the Soul April 1, 2020 Famous Vedic Astrologers

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During these uncertain times,
It's important for me to control my mind,
As together with my body and feelings,
It creates a temple for the Divine.

Well, if there is something I wanted to include in this report that I didn't, it would be the importance of treating each other kindly during this Mars/Saturn time. We are all dealing with our wounded warrior (Chiron in Aries square the nodes) and one sign of that wound is lashing out with the old "displaced anger." We've got some bad public role models out there now that are really lowering the bar of civility!

Let's just remember that there is a lot treasure deep down in there. Pluto, the god of the underworld was called the richest god. His domain included all the gold, diamonds, oil, etc. It's not easy digging or drilling for it but when we go down into our shadow (what triggers you in others is your shadow material), process our deep feelings of abandonment, fear of isolation, aloneness, and death, we re-emerge with huge nuggets of wisdom. May you dig deep into your feelings and resurrect renewed, replenished, and vibrant!
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