Astrology Aug 12-17 2020 Mars square Pluto | Uranus SRx | Sun trine Mars | Mercury conj Sun

Personal Reports:

Aspects this week:
Wed Aug 12:
Moon trine Saturn 12:54 am PDT
Moon inconj SN 2:14 am PDT
Moon ingress Gemini 6:45 am PDT
Sun inconj Neptune 7:32 am PDT

Thurs Aug 13:
Mars square Pluto 12:13 am PDT
Moon sextile Mercury 5:32 pm PDT
Moon inconj Jupiter 7:23 pm PDT
Moon square Neptune 10:15 pm PDT

Fri Aug 14:
Moon sextile sun 1:32 am PDT
Moon inconj Pluto 3:31 am PDT
Moon sextile Mars 4:19 am PDT
Mercury inconj Jupiter 4:28 am PDT
Moon inconj Saturn 10:46 am PDT
Moon conj NN opp SN 12:22 pm PDT
Moon ingress Cancer 4:35 pm PDT
Mercury inconj Neptune 10:13 pm PDT

Sat Aug 15:
Sun inconj Pluto 3:12 am PDT
Moon conj Venus 6:26 am PDT
Uranus station Rx 7:26 am PDT
Moon conj Uranus 12:17 pm PDT

Sun Aug 16:
Moon opp Jupiter 2:32 am PDT
Moon trine Neptune 5:28 am PDT
Mercury inconj Pluto 6:38 am PDT
Sun trine Mars 7:01 am PDT
Moon opp Pluto 10:23 am PDT
Moon square Mars 12:31 pm PDT
Moon opp Saturn 4:58 pm PDT
Moon inconj SN 6:34 pm PDT
Mercury trine Mars 10:28 pm PDT
Moon ingress Leo 10:38 pm PDT

Mon Aug 17:
Mercury conj Sun 8:07 am PDT
Moon square Uranus 5:01 pm PDT

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