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Taara Mallhotrra – The Light that shines in Occult Sciences & Spiritual Learning
True to her name, Taara Mallhotrra is the light that shines for thousands of seekers who are walking the path of spiritual growth and self empowerment. An illuminating personality, Ms.Taara Mallhotrra is well-reckoned as India’s leading Celebrity Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Spiritual and Karmic Healer & Occult Practioner
Being a gifted clairvoyant since childhood, she has been sensing energies and hearing voices even as a child. She uses her gift to provide healings and remedies free of cost to underprivileged people. She is a Certified Reiki Grand Master, Certified Tarot Card Reader, Lenormand Card Reader, Numerologist, Coffee Cup Reader, Karmic Healer, Lama FEra Master, Switchword Expert, Crystal Healer, Wiccan, Runes Reader, Spiritual Healer and has mastered various aspects of Aura reading & scanning, Angels, Fairies, Unicorns, Spell Crafting, Wizards

Get in touch with her @9873456004
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