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One hour card reading: $100 (video)
30 minute card reading: $75 (video)
15 minute card reading: $25 (video)
natal chart reading: $100 (30 minute video)

I do not give refunds.
All readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Readings are never a substitute for medical, legal or other professional help.


1. Send payment: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/ebulliencepress
2. Send email to roxixmas@gmail.com introducing yourself, notifying me that you've paid, and presenting your situation. You don't need to go in depth. Please don't. You can ask up to three questions. I recommend sending your astro combo (sun/moon/rising) as well as the astro combo of your love interest if applicable, but this is not a requirement.

After I've received your payment and questions I'll schedule your reading. My turn around time is usually twelve hours, sometimes less. Don't get too hung up on time, please. I don't believe in "tarot emergencies." I do my private readings on the webcam as pre-recorded videos. I upload to YouTube as unlisted videos. I send the links to the clients and keep the videos in the archives for one week. Please note that I specialize in romantic/sexual relationships. I can do career readings, as well, but my focus is on relationships. I do not do psychic predictions and I do not do readings regarding health. I trust that if you purchase a reading from me you are familiar with my blunt honesty. If you hire me for a reading my job is to give you an accurate and honest interpretation of the cards. That's it. That's all.
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