Weekly Astrology : Astrology & Corona Virus : Cause, effect & time frame !! कोरोना वाइरस और ज्योतिष

World is definitely in a panic state... Astrology has the answer to the cause, effect & the time frame for this pandemic attack of Corona virus...
Destination of life is already destined and we face good or bad as per the placement of planets in the zodiac... indian astrology known as Jyotish has a holistic approach towards the effect on mankind..
Taking precautions and not creating panic can definitely help to face this grave situation...
2020 is a year of turbulence because of
the afflictions of good planets... Weak or afflicted Jupiter is the cause and dominace of maleafic planets in the transit... Need is to strengthen the Jupiter Guru by enhancing spiritual energies by meditation and feelings of compassion...
Nothing is permanent and things should change soon... God Bless us all !!
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