Travel Line Palmistry? Yes or No? ✨ Pick a Card Reading

Yes or No Pick a Card Reading! This reading also comes with interactive "yes and no" Stars, each star answers either yes or no so you can ask up to 5 additional questions (after the pile of messages) and receive up to 5 different answers. Please let me know if you like the angle of this video - I am trying something new! For anyone interested in higher learning, energy healing, metaphysics etc. I welcome you to join me on Patreon (it's only $11.11 for the entire month!) I have just released my personal tarot reading with Covid19 Consciousness where I make predictions ~ on Patreon ~ for anyone interested in deeper conversation and engagement about this subject... You can join now and enjoy all of the content through throughout April at I'll see you there!

Time Stamps:

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5 - 22:25
Palm Reading
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