Tarot savjetnici : Psychic Tarot - Tarot/Oracle Cards-Close Up Review-Great deck for beginners!

This is a Close Up Review of Psychic Tarot so to see each card and review the deck. Its a great deck for beginners to tarot!
Psychic Tarot -https://amzn.to/2PnkJ19
(Deck have 65 cards NOT the usual 78 cards)
This deck is technically referred to as an Oracle Deck on box though considered a tarot deck thats just been modified!
*Also on channel is Close Up Review of Psychic Tarot for the Heart and also a side by side comparison between both decks!*

This deck is great if you are looking for a different type of tarot deck than the usual RWS imagery and meanings and great deck to consider especially if you are a beginner and do not know tarot meanings as the actual meanings are right on the cards!

The deck is a unique take on the tarot by renaming the cards and changing the images to reflect the new given meanings that are more intuitive.
Psychic Tarot is more an actual traditional tarot based deck.

Deck has 65 cards not the usual 78, (The court cards and tens are taken out and then there are 7 chakra cards) The added chakra cards I love!
There is a guidebook with a black and white picture and expanded meanings for each card to refer to in the box. The cards are also gold gilded!
The deck is a really nice different take on the traditional tarot especially if you want to change it up a bit from the usual RWS decks.
If new to tarot they also have meanings right on the cards so you can instantly use the deck and just use your own intuition/psychic abilities.

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