Hi Sagittarius! Welcome to your love reading for the weekend of October 2nd-4th - You VS Them! BONUS: Your Person's Energy. In this weekend’s tarot card reading, we will explore what's really going on for your zodiac sign, take a peek at how your love life's going, and the messages that you need to hear right now. At the end of this tarot reading, I will reveal your person's energy and how they feel towards you. Thank you for watching! Lots of love ????

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????Tarot Illuminati (detailed artwork, small size perfect for those with smaller hands):
????The Good Tarot (free from any negative vibes, literally a “good vibes only” deck):
????The Spirit Animal Oracle (a must-have!):
????Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards (truly phenomenal, highly highly recommend, this is my fave)
????The Starseed Oracle (amazing for connecting with your soul):
????Work Your Light Oracle Cards (full of love, light, and feminine vibes):
????Energy Oracle Cards (great artwork and beautiful energy):
????Divine Guidance Oracle (abstract imagery, great for strengthening intuition)

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