Pitra Dosh kya hai? kaise banta hai hamare jiwan me yah dosh dekhiye astro arvind ke sath

#pitrapaksh, 2020 #Pirtadosh, #surya, #chandra, #mangal, #guru, #rahu, #ketu, #shani, ke dwara janam patrika me banta hai pitra dosh pitaron ki shanti se hi is dosh ka niwaran,
When does Pitru Dosha occur ?
When there is a combination of Sun and Rahu on the ninth, it is believed that Pitra Dosh Yoga is being formed. According to the scripture, in whatever sense the Sun and Rahu sit, all the fruits of that house get destroyed. There is such a dosha in a person's horoscope that is capable of giving all these sorrows together, this dosha is known as Pitru Dosha.
What are the measures to be taken for the prevention of Pitrodh-
Place a garland on the south facing wall of the house by placing a photo of your late relatives on the Peepal tree, offer water, flowers, intact, milk, Ganga water, black sesame seeds in the afternoon and pray for blessings by remembering the heavenly fathers. Light the lamp in the evening time.
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