Pick a Card ???? Important Love Message Meant To Find YOU ???? Pendulum & Charms

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Important Love Message Meant To Find YOU


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♥️ Important Message for YOU


???? Important Love Messages From Your Person


???? Timestamps

1) 1:48
2) 15:50
3) 31:50

????Cards used today

1. 80’s Tarot
2. Lovely Omens Tarot
3. Love Compass Oracle
4. Love Story Oracle Cards- https://www.dejadrewit.com/products/love-story-oracle
5. Friends Tarot
6. Oracle Poggz - https://etsy.me/2XS5e3C
^note: I’ve added some vintage pogs to my Oracle set ????

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????Note- I am not currently offering personal readings. If someone responds in a comment saying otherwise it is a scam.
I do not have Facebook . I have been getting questions regarding this recently . I only have Instagram ^listed above and YouTube.

❗️Please remember my videos are general readings . This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. Use your own judgment when making any decision ???? remember I am just a person reading cards using my own intuition. Always trust your own intuition and inner guidance first and seek professional guidance if needed ❤️ enjoy and have fun

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