Pick a Card ???? 6 Months From Now ????????????⏳ PENDULUM

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I hope you enjoy today’s pick a card tarot reading. Today’s psychic reading were finding out what to expect 6 months from now ????

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???? Big Things In The Next Few Months ????


???? Year 2021 In Detail!????


FEBRUARY 2021 Predictions


????Cards Used In Today’s Video

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tarot Deck
2. Love Compass Oracle (linked below)
3. Love Story Oracle (linked below)
4. Oracle Poggz (linked below)
5. Moonology Oracle
6. Magical Mermaids & Dolphins
7. Romance Angels
8. Ice Cream Oracle (linked below)
9. Butterfly Oracle Cards
10. Sacred Self Care Oracle

The Love Compass Oracle ????


Love Story Oracle Cards ????


Oracle Poggz ????


The Ice Cream Oracle ????


???? Timestamps -

1) Butterfly Clips ???? 2:50
2)Polly Pocket Locket ???? 29:18
3)Nano Baby ✨ 53:07
4)Mini House ???? 1:19:59

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????Note- I am not currently offering personal readings. If someone responds in a comment saying otherwise it is a scam.
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Disclaimer:❗️Please remember my videos are general readings . This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. Use your own judgment when making any decision ???? remember I am just a person reading cards using my own intuition. Always trust your own intuition and judgement first and seek professional guidance if needed ❤️ enjoy and have fun

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