New Age Tarot Reading - Pick a Card ???? This Week | What Will Happen ? ????????????????

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Hello cozy people ! I am excited for this ice cream themed video . I hope you enjoy the reading ! ???? Please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be the first to hear about my new videos ???? I hope you all are staying safe❤️

???? What To Watch Next....⬇️

???? JULY 2020 Predictions

???? Who Is Your Soulmate ? Very Detailed !

❤️ Who Will You Marry ?

????Video I did with charm casting, pillow fort building, fun deck tours & pure coziness !

???? Decks Used During This Video
1. The Lovely Omens Tarot
2. Chocolate Lovers Message Cards
3. Sacred Destiny Oracle
4. Secret Language Of Colours Oracle
5. Romance Angels
6. Love Compass Oracle
7. Witchlings Oracle

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⚠️Note- I do NOT have Facebook . I have been getting questions regarding this recently . I only have Instagram ^listed above and YouTube ????

❗️Please remember my videos are general readings . This video is meant for entertainment purposes. Use your own judgment when making any decision. Have fun and enjoy! ????

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