???? RULES????

???? Super Chat & Super Stickers get priority.

???? Please include your first name with your persons real first name with sun sign or you will be skipped.

???? Please post your question with your super chat payment!

???? Please send at least $5 USD for Super Chat

???? Please keep questions simple!

Examples: What are they thinking, feeling, intentions, next actions, where is the connection headed, who's coming towards you in love, what's coming towards you etc. If you're not sure ask a mod first!

????You can ask for channelled messages from your person.

????Super Chat can't be refunded!

????Do not send PayPal payments for this type of live readings.


If you would like a private VIDEO reading with your own private link which is given via email read the options below:

???? Currently only offering Twin flame Readings ????


Twin Flame Reading????

Price: $50

Time: 40 minutes

I will tell you if you're twin flames. If so I will explain what needs to be done to bring about union. If they aren't I will then help you find your twin & tell you when you will meet etc.
If it's already been confirmed then I will tell you where you are on your journey & advice on what needs to be healed to bring you together into union.

Please provide via email your first name, date of birth with any background info that is relevant.

Please allow 3-7 days

Please send payment via:


Reading times are not guaranteed.


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